I’ve moved

*** as sometimes happens when we move, we don’t always know our new address. Try again.

Good weekend, playing with my phone, playing with my new blog, so to know more go here.


What is the deal with the phones?


Well back in 1876 an ol’ boy named Bell
Invented a contraption that we know so well
By the 1950’s they’re in everybodys home
It’s a crazy little thing they call a telephone
Now there’s one in every corner,in the back of every bar
You can get one in your briefcase,on a plane or in your car

So tell me why,haven’t I,heard from you
Tell me why,haven’t I,heard from you
I said now darlin’,honey,what is your excuse
Why haven’t I heard from you

Well there’s no problem gettin to me baby you can dial direct
I got call forward and call waitin’ you can even call collect
the service man he told me that my phone was workin’ fine
And I have come to the conclusion trouble isn’t with my line
I’m sure the operator will be glad to put you through
So dial zero for assistance if this all confuses you

So tell me why,haven’t I,heard from you
Tell me why,haven’t I,heard from you
I said now darlin’,honey,what is your excuse
Why haven’t I heard from you

There’d better be a flood
A landslide of mud
A fire that burns up the wires
And thunder so loud with black funnel cloud
A natural disaster I know nothin about

Tell my why,haven’t I,heard from you
Tell me why,haven’t I,heard from you,yeah
I said now darlin’,honey,what is your excuse
Why haven’t I heard from you

Reba Mcentire, Why haven’t I heard from you?

And thats all I got to say about that.


So I’m not a member of any household. I hang out with several and have for years, but for whatever reason, I’ve never been invited to join.

So anyway, this past wonderful weekend, I’m sitting at dinner with one of the members of one of OS’s households. He says, “Where is Sara? She should be here.” I’m halfway through the best Pina Colada I’ve had the pleasure to drink in a while and I’m not thinking real coherent. (as in I decided to drink my supper, something called “voodoo juice” yep, show me the karaoke machine, and oohh he’s real cute) It came in a bucket, need I say more?

“Sara who?” I say, I know lots of Saras and Sarah’s and well you get the picture. So he says, “The Sara” And I say “Sara Willis?” I had kind of lost some brain cells you know? So he says, “The Sara, Our Sara, the Only Sara, MY Sara.” Sweet. That girl’s got something going on and it ain’t just her baking skills.

Are you trying to kill me?

So today Princess and I go to Vino’s for lunch. I order a spinach calzone. It comes, I start cutting into it. I see pink stuff. Its ham. I send it back and the waitress comes and apologizes, “He said it will be ready in six minutes or you can kick him.” “I’ll wait 10 if I can kick him.” I say. After waiting forever, another waiter comes over,

“Here’s your sausage calzone.” he says. I start waiving him away (the same movement when OS is driving and passing and a car is coming-warding off bad juju.) Is he trying to kill me? The waitress walks over with my money and lays it on the table. I get my money back. And an apology. Apparently at Vinos they don’t know the difference between spinach and sausage. (or are doing something wrong with the mushrooms)

I’m hungry.
Tuesday went to spin class, then went to phone company.  It was closed so next door to it was the Nestle Cookie company. Had “Double Trouble” for supper. Two chocolate chip cookies with frosting in the middle. It was really sweet but I forced myself to carry on.

Spin again tonight. Hate it but its good for me;) love yoga though.

My new Blackjack will be here this week so maybe I can talk to people again.

Rambling Rose

This isn’t the post I was supposed to post today. But after reading Robbin’s succinctly put post of 7-19-07  I have been thinking about what she said.

First of all, Ouch. I like to think I love people enough to be strong and noble and only think of their good. I am human however and as Elizabeth said, “how can I promise to be wiser than so many of my fellow creatures if I am tempted, or how am I even to know that it would be wisdom to resist? All that I can promise you, therefore, is not to be in a hurry.” (Pride and Prejudice) and the truth is probably a bit more down to earth.

How strong are we anyway? Robbin nailed it in a way that if I could have said it, it would have not been near as clear and would have used way too many extra words.  Love, is patient, kind, … That is the ideal, and yet, there is a God and it ain’t you. Meaning we can’t hit that ideal, just reach for it. God has expectations of people. Yes he loves us, but he expects things from us too.  Even a parent-child relationship should have some expectations from the other person or you get a horrible person with an unreal sense of self-importance. And in adult relationships you should have expectations and not be afraid to stick with them.

Robbin has a good point saying,”The romanticism of our modern society likes to make such an ideal out of the concept of unconditional love – the self-sacrifice, the constancy, the faith.”, because that is the message we get. You are selfish, or you are sacrificial. Aren’t we all a mixture? Some of us lean one way more than other on occasion. But love shouldn’t mean you are a doormat, because that doesn’t make anyone happy.  I was thinking on my long drive home Sunday about how people usually say things like, “I’m not selfish” or “I’m not mean” when that is usually the thing they really are. (just random ramblings related to popular music and its warped view of love)

Aren’t we all a little selfish? I mean, you have to get something out of the relationships you have or you wouldn’t have them. Right? I think we talked about that last year. On some level you are getting something out of that relationship or you wouldn’t invest time or anything else on it. And having expectations of the other person isn’t a bad thing. It’s the unrealistic expectations that should be checked. Like that one person will meet all your needs, fix all your brokenness, entertain you and make all the bad in your world go away. Talk about a heavy burden. Or expecting more from someone then they are able to provide. You have to give people the freedom to be where and who they are.



No shoes, no shirt, no problem

Me and the Pina Coladas are on the way south. I’m ready for sun, sand, water and good friends and nothing to do but sleep all day and when the sun goes down its time to play, something like that.

Anyway, got babygirl lined out and the hair dryer noise fixed and she’s and safe for road tripping. A clean car is a happy car so she’s going to visit car wash today and maybe get some new magnets. Have strangely odd directions and a map quest map. Leaving at lunch tomorrow and planning to relax as much as humanly possible. We may or may not stop in Jackson for a visit to a boy that has been popping up occasionally, not sure if like a mole or not.

In other news:

NOW not only limited inet access but NO meebo, my chat drug of choice. It seems after four weeks it was put on the dirty list of no no sites.  I miss some of you like crazy, and others I’d like to miss, if I could talk to you more. Blackjack will be ordered Friday and I’ll be spending my spare time figuring the blessed thing out.

Speaking of spare time,

Thanks OS for saving my life when the computers went down yesterday, yep, first full days of work and old computer mainframe fritzing. The caffeine spider can’t do the sit still and do nothing thing, reason number two I’m going to take up knitting or crochet in the near future, right after I hand finish that A&S thing.

I e-mailed OS on the super secret spy e-mail and told her it was up to her to keep me from showing my ADD, she sent me back some pages from Boobs, Injuries and Dr. Pepper. The super spy network captured it and only released it today after a DNA sample, (didn’t know THAT’S how they got my DNA, I feel dirty) and as a result, at 7 a.m. I was flat out ROFL in my cube all alone. Which.Is.Crazy.

Thanks, OS for saving me, I’ll bring you a jelly fish.
Oh, and don’t forget, Enabler Dan set me up at http://www.coffeeandshoes.com/ and I’ll be double posting for a while til I figure out how to flip everything over there, oh and its fugly so that has to be fixed quick like.